Why Citizens Should Be Precinct Chairs

Precinct Chairman – Why Citizens Should Be Precinct Chairs

Many voters feel they are not properly represented in government by either the Republican or the Democratic parties. There are several ways disgruntled voters can deal with this unfortunate reality. Ineffective Voter Coping Mechanisms Drop Out of the Electoral Process Some people choose not to vote, given the lack of appealing candidates.  This is by far the easiest way to cope, but is also the least productive.  By not voting these people are not only giving up the opportunity to influence elections, they are failing to perform what many would consider their civic duty. Vote for the Least Unpleasant Party […] Read more »


Keller May 29th, 2012 Election Results No surprises here – President Obama dominated the ballot for Democratic Presidential Nominee both in our precinct, and state wide. In the Senatorial Primary, Paul Sadler secured the Democratic nomination; and will the be on the ballot for the open US Senate seat for Texas in November. Keller May 29th, 2012 Election Prelude Early voting for our Precinct occurs – as usual – upstairs in Keller Town Hall – 1100 Bear Creek Parkway Keller, Texas 76248.  Note that only the early voting actually happens at Town Hall, if you decide to vote the day […] Read more »

2012 Senate Races – Help Keep the Democratic Majority

While they don’t get as much attention as the Presidential race in the election cycle, there are several extremely competitive Senate races occurring in 2012.  With the Democratic majority in the Senate at risk, it is important that Democrats win as many of these races as possible. If you want to help our cause, there are few better ways to do so than to contribute to the Democratic candidate in these races.  This is something you can do even if you don’t live in their state! One important race is in Massachusetts, where Elizabeth Warren is up against Republican Scott […] Read more »

Texas Senate Democratic Caucus Better Texas Team!

I just had a blast attending the Texas Senate Democratic Caucus – Texas Can Do Better workshop. I hesitated at first to sign up, as it was going to include all the Democratic Senators for the state. I thought perhaps it wasn’t suitable for me – a mere Precinct chair! – to attend. Thankfully I did sign up and go, and it was a lot of fun. Always remember that the Democrats are the party of transparency and inclusiveness, and even the bottom rung of the party level is welcome at these events. Moving on to the proceedings, the event […] Read more »

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Texas State Convention 2012

Having arrived for the Texas Democratic State Convention earlier in the day, my first act of business was to sit in on the State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) meeting. Never having attended one of these events before, I was curious to see what would take place. At the door was a sheet where you could sign-in and pick up a name tag, but since all Democratic Party meetings are open to anyone, there was no great formality – I could have just walked in anonymously had I wished. As it turned out the meeting was remarkably similar to the County […] Read more »

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Keller May 12th, 2012 Election Results Well the results of the May 12th 2012 local elections are in. I am happy to say that both the challengers for the KISD School Board Trustee positions were successful in dislodging the incumbents.  The citizenry is definitely frustrated with the way our school system has been functioning lately, and I think this result reflect that. For the Keller City Council Place 4 election, Bill dodge defeated Marcus McCrary in what was a relatively close fought race – roughly 58% to 42%.  That was only a 60 vote margin, so our individual votes counted […] Read more »

Map of Precinct 3054, Tarrant County Texas


Tarrant County, Precinct 3054 Precinct 3054 Democratic Precinct Chair I (Steven Jones) am the Democratic Party Precinct Chairman for 3054 in Tarrant County. I am your local goto person if you have any questions about registering to vote, getting to the poles, or other voting related issues. Please feel free to contact me at stevenjonesdem@gmail.com, on facebook or to give me a call at (817)380-5854.  Live in the neighborhood but not in my Precinct?  No problem, I’ll help any Democrat out! Precinct Location Tarrant County Precinct 3054 in Texas is located in the Southwest corner of the City of Keller. […] Read more »

Credentials for the SD Convention

Senate District Conventions – EyeWitness Report From A New Democratic Activist

One important activity for the involved Democrat is to participate in political conventions.  Today was the date of the 2012 Democratic County/Senatorial District conventions in Texas.  This was my first time as an attendee at a political convention, so I thought I’d provide a view from the ‘new guy’ for any other new activists who are just now getting involved. In rural counties, where the entire county is contained within one state Senatorial district, this local convention is a County Convention.  However, in large urban counties such as Tarrant County – where I live – that include pieces of several […] Read more »

Precinct Chair Responsibilities - Turn The Precinct Democrat

The Responsibilities Of A Precinct Chair

Once you have been elected – or appointed – as a precinct chair, there are several different privileges and responsibilities that you gain and should attempt to fulfill. In the next few posts I will provide detailed information on each of these, but to start with I will briefly list them. Precinct Chair Responsibilities Seek Out Training Opportunities Many of the tasks a good precinct chair should perform may seem rather intimidating at first.  A lot of them can involve a fair amount of interaction with strangers, which can be a little nerve wracking if you have not done a […] Read more »

What Is My Precinct Number And Do I Have An Existing Precinct Chair

There are two ways in which one can become the precinct chair for your neighborhood. If your precinct currently does not have a precinct chair, then you are able to apply (note that I am assuming you are registered to vote; if you are not, then register to vote first!) to the leadership of your party in your County to fill the position; if there is already a chair then you can run against them for the position in the next election. Before exploring these options however, you need to know things. First you need to figure out what your […] Read more »

State Convention Texas Democrat

State Political Conventions – Selecting The National Convention Delegates

State conventions for the two major political parties are the place where – in presidential election years – the state party determines who will represent the state at the National convention later in the election season. While the number of delegates (and also alternate delegates) assigned to each state is set by the party at the National level, the state determines who those people will be.  The voting to fill those National level delegate spots is done by the delegates sent to the state convention by the County or Senatorial District conventions held prior to the respective parties’ State conventions. […] Read more »